Why an Emotional Fitness Workout?

The common benefits of doing a workout for the body are well known, yet few understand how to workout and strengthen their emotional resilience and capacity. Emotional Fitness Workouts help to build greater resilience, intuitive and a more consistent peak performance state of high productivity "flow."

The starting point to increase emotional fitness can be to ask the questions "How do I feel?" This while simple can be used often to tune into our emotions and check-in. Awareness and listening within is a core skill of emotional fitness. This can also apply to our body to build Inner Game Fitness. To be present to your body, simply stop for a moment and do a body scan. Feel the body and appreciate its amazing nature, while feeling for any areas of tension.

Most illness or disease is created from an unconscious emotional block. So the fundamental principle of an Emotional Fitness Workouts, after the principle of listening, is movement. This can be physical, although mostly emotional our energetic flow is best to more rapidly stimulate the bodies natural self-healing mechanism.

An Emotional Fitness Workout has 6 different layers with each suitable at different times and emotional states. One of these six is Emotional Unblocking, which is a technique that can be learnt by downloading the following 4 -page PDF.

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When do I workout?

Whenever we feel a non-positive emotion, this is an opportunity to do an Emotional Fitness Workout. This is a multi-stage flow chart to integrate and open our emotions. It is a process you do on your own, or it can be facilitated, which helps to resolve and heal old emotional baggage, creating a high-performance success state.

As we release more of our blocks, we feel different about ourselves. Without all the unconscious garbage hidden within we find we have fewer triggers. Our head slows down from wanting to always judge and think to just be present. We improve our emotional fitness by growing our emotional esteem, resulting in greater self-esteem, self-image and more positive expectations.

Ultimately with growth and more emotional self-understanding, we shift our unconscious programming, so that our emotions conspire to help achieve our desires. All based on the theory we don’t get what we want in life, we get what our unconscious conditioning creates.

One of the four core Emotion Fitness Workouts is called Emotion Unblocking (Emotional Clearing) which is a way of supporting peak human performance by healing the source of any negative emotions or thoughts that may occur. It is a method that allows a person to release past programming and emotions that block their ability to maximise future success.


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