Emotional Fitness Levels

Good Emotional Fitness is the natural flow of desires, spontaneously becoming a reality, which is also known as "flow". Often our emotions move between blocked in fear, or in "flow."

Good Emotional Fitness is demonstrated by how easily a person can attract the reality of their true desires, to be in "flow." The following chart below is an example of Emotional Flow.

By comparison, an average person is more likely to be in a state of fear, rather than "flow." Fear is when our "stuff" gets in the road, often unconscious self-sabotaging blocks us from achieving our true desires. This could be the majority of the population, which we could say are Emotionally Unfit. This is often shown as repeat patterns occurring in life, shown in relationships, financial situations, or in sport under pressure.

The level of Emotional Fitness determines our mental state, our mindset due to our emotional "stuff" which is mostly unconscious, having a significant influence on determining our feelings which in turn create our thoughts and mind activity.

What is Emotional Fitness?

Emotions are a universal force making everything happen in the world. Emotions drive most action, either fear or passion. With passion being the more connected inspired motivation.

Like a muscle, our emotional capacity is dependant on use. If we are only comfortable with positive emotions, then we have limited Emotional Fitness, a limited range of movement or expression. We are then likely to disown our shadow, which is the suppressed aspects we all often unknowingly have hidden away.

Why improve our Emotional Fitness?

As well as the obvious reason to improve our Emotional Fitness, to ensure we get everything we desire easily. By developing greater Emotional Fitness, we become more fulfilled, passionate, connected and able to more consistently perform at our peak in all aspects of sport and life.

Increased satisfaction and enhanced peak performance are the more obvious individual indicators of good Emotional Fitness, yet collectively within a group or team, individual Emotional Fitness can be magnified, providing an exponential influence or coherence, to enhance or sabotage the team culture.

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